Toile, India's 1st Eco- Fashion Brand is an ecological store which was launched in Mumbai on 11th October 2017. The 2nd store opened in Kolkata in February, 2018. The objective of the brand is to house a plethora of options and collections from a variety of designers under one roof.

This would give the consumer a diversity of products to browse through. The main motive is to offer our consumers with a variety of fashionable high-end products, with different luxury labels under one roof. It is a multi designer brand which houses designers in the field of sustainability. The designers work with organic cotton, linen, hand-made, handloom, up cycle , recycle, zero waste, vegan etc. It is a concept store supporting eco fashion. The brand offers a mix of apparel, foot ware, make up and accessories and gives a platform to the designer, artist who believe in the same ideology. Carefully curated the brand houses selective designers in India and overseas. Different designers, with products that vary from being handmade to handcrafted, organic to hand - embroidered would all be present for the consumer to choose from. To give one a shopping experience of a lifetime, the brand host extravagant creative brands for the consumer to take their pick from. Our main goal is to form a community of passionate and talented designers and a platform for them to showcase their creative genius directly to the consumers. We want to bring to our consumers stylish fashion main stream, brands that are conscious on the environmental impact. Each product has a symbol telling you it’s sustainable, ethical and fair trade.