Exchange policy

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Toile. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Please feel free to share your concern with us at and we will reply within 24 hours.

For everyone who shops from our website kindly follow the – NO RETURN, ONLY EXCHANGE POLICY, below.

> If you are not 100% satisfied or you have fitting issues with our product, you can exchange the product for another one, of the same amount or more.

> If you do not wish to purchase anything immediately, your money will be safe in our wallet.

> The actual color of the cloth and the material may vary very slightly from the image shown in the website or social media because every fabric we source is exclusive.

> Any product you exchange must be in the same condition that you received and original packaging shouldn’t be tampered.

> Any kind of defects or discoloration of the product will not be accepted. Special mention to our white ensembles, please make sure they are untouched

& pristine.

> Please keep the receipt.

> We follow a 15 Days exchange policy. Hope you have a hassle-free experience!